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Types of Circumcisions Available

Following Five types of Circumcisions are available
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Basic Circumcision

Recommended for old men

>Basic Circumcision is done here with a loose cut of the foreskin near the glans penis.
>Basic Circumcision is offered to men aged between 55-80 years of age.,which are less active sexually. 
>Many times phimosis causes urinary infections,retentions so for relief of those symptoms , skin is loosely cut to avoid these issues.


Advanced Circumcision

Recommended to Middle age men

>Advanced Circumcision is done here with a sharp cut of the foreskin behind the glans penis.
>Advanced Circumcision is offered to men aged between 40-55 years of age.
>Many times phimosis causes urinary infections,retentions so for relief of those symptoms , skin is sharply cut to avoid these issues.


Cosmetic Circumcision

Recommended to Young men

>Cosmetic Circumcision is done here with a sharp,tight cut of the foreskin behind the glans penis.
>Post Operative Results Cosmetic circumcision does not change the size of the penis, as the foreskin does not tether or impair the stretching of the penis with erections.


Alisklamp Circumcision

Recommended to All

>Alisklamp is promised to deliver a perfect cut circumcision parallel to the line of corona following the natural curve of individual gland penis..
>Naturally it will produce a clean cut with excellent aesthetic look. 
>Painless method
>Stitchless Method


ZSR Circumcision

Highly recommended to all

For men who wish to have circumcision in one setting and want to go home outside Pune city, we offer an option to have circumcision surgery in one setting performed to improve functional and aesthetic appearance of the penis.



Circumcision Surgery

Center of Advanced & Latest Circumcision Techniques in India

By Dr.Sachin Kuber posted January 31, 2017

Online Consultation with Dr.Sachin Kuber Available

Click Here

Pre-Paid Consultation
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Patients residing outside Pune city,Maharashtra can have an online consultation with Dr.Sachin Kuber via Skype or whatsapp.After payment of Online consultation fees you will be given time and date of consultation. You can fill the form and send to us. Dr.Sachin Kuber MS will be available personally for consultation.You can ask questions regarding your circumcision, phimosis,foreskin issues etc. You can send pictures on whatsapp or skype.Screen sharing is also available. 

One Setting Stitchless Circumcision Technique

This newest  technique of Stitchless Circumcision in One setting is available in Circumcision Clinic now. Patients can avail benefits of superior surgery

Stitchless Device

Single Stage Circumcision

Superior Device to Cut exact size of Foreskin as per requirement.

Single Use

Disposable Device

Used only Once so Safe for all
No cross infection

Trained in China

Dr.Sachin Kuber MS visited China

Superior Single stage circumcision is something very unique at our clinic for which Dr.Sachin Kuber received training from Surgeon in China recently.


Exact and anatomical cuts

Affordable device and painless experience makes fear of operation run away from patient's mind. Be assured of best experience.

Authorised Center of Circumcision

Alisklamp ( Turkey ) & ZSR Biomedical ( China ) Authorised Certified Center of Circumcision
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Authorised Alsiklamp Circumcision Clinic in Pune, India

Alisklamp Certification

Certified by ABAGROUP,Turkey

Dr.Sachin Kuber , chief surgeon at has completed successful training and experience of Alisklamp circumcisions.

Authorised ZSR Circumcision Center in Pune,India

ZSR Biomedical Authorisation

Certified by ZSR Biomedical Technology Ltd.

Dr.Sachin Kuber , chief surgeon at has completed successful training and experience of ZSR circumcisions.

Key Points in Stitchless Circumcision

Alisklamp ( Turkey ) & ZSR Biomedical ( China ) Authorised Certified Center of Circumcision

Common Concerns and Points to Note

  • Stitchless Circumcision
  • Painless Circumcision
  • Bloodless Circumcision
  • Injection less Local Anesthesia
  • No rest at home required after circumcision
  • Driving vehicle allowed same day
  • Next day shower allowed
  • Dressing is not required
  • Application of antibiotic cream is required for 8 days
  • Alisklamp skin rings fall in 7 days
  • ZSR silicon ring falls down in 7 days
  • Recovery period - 7 days
  • Same day office joining possible
  • Same day travel back to your city allowed
  • Same day circumcision possible

Alisklamp Circumcision

  • Done with injectionless anesthesia
  • Can be done for baby, newborn,boys,adults,old men
  • Procedure takes only 10 minutes
  • Installation of Alisklamp is done.
  • 15 minutes after installation patients can go home
  • Patients are required to re-visit on day 7 of installation for removal of alisklamp
  • Alisklamp removal is painless
  • 3 dressings are required after removal of alisklamp which can be easily done by patients at home
  • Ring falls in 7 days
  • Complete healing occurs in 7 days
  • Sex/masturbation can be done after 45 days of removal of alisklamp
  • Whatsapp support is available after removal of alisklamp

ZSR Circumcision

  • It takes only 10 seconds for this procedure to do circumcision
  • Done with injectionless anesthesia
  • Can be done for baby, newborn,boys,adults,old men
  • Single setting visit is required
  • Revisit is not required
  • Patients can go home after 15 minutes
  • Hospital admission not required
  • Silicon ring falls in 7 days
  • Complete healing occurs in 7 days
  • Superior cosmetic cut is done at the same time, sealing is done real time
  • No bleeding
  • Sex/masturbation can be done after 45 days 
  • Whatsapp support is available


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ZSR Stitch Less Circumcision Results Day 15

ZSR ( China ) Authorised Certified Center of Circumcision

Stitchless Circumcision

Alisklamp Circumcision

Technique : This novel technique of circumcision done at our clinic is far superior to produce best clean cut cosmetic results than traditional surgery.
Safety : Alisklamp is painless, stitchless,bloodless,safest of all circumcision techniques.No chance of infection, pus,pain or discomfort.Safety is our high priority.

Simple: This takes only 15 minutes and after another 15 minutes you can go home.No hospitalisation/tests /rest required.Very effective for results.

Surgical Circumcisions

For Special Conditions

Cosmetic Circumcision as Performed by Dr.Sachin Kuber MS Often overlooked in adult circumcisions performed by generalists is the cosmetic appearance of the erect penis following the circumcision. This represents a procedure performed for hygiene purposes, and for that reason does not receive the same attention as other cosmetic procedures. However, in our hands, great care has been taken so that during an erection, the penis has an excellent cosmetic appearance. For that reason prior to the removal of skin, an artificial erection is induced in all patients so as to precisely determine the amount of skin to be excised. In addition of experiencing improved hygiene and self-esteem, after having a cosmetic circumcision patients are very pleased with the appearance of their penis.

Revision Circumcisions

Repairing old Circumcisions

What is circumcision revision?
Circumcision revision is an uncommon but sometimes necessary procedure. It refers to a second surgical procedure performed due to unsatisfactory results with the original circumcision. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin, which is the sheath of skin covering the head of the penis.
Why is circumcision revision needed?
A circumcision revision might be necessary for several reasons. The most common reason for circumcision revision is that too much of the foreskin is left following a circumcision. This is called redundant foreskin. It can cause scar tissue to form as an infant grows and develops more fat in the area around the penis.

Plastic Surgery

Freedom from restrictions

frenulum breve,is remedied by a procedure called a frenuloplasty, where the tightness and restriction is removed.
Preputioplasty or prepuce plasty, also known as "limited dorsal slit with transverse closure", is a plastic surgical operation on the prepuce or foreskin of the penis,[1] to widen a narrow non-retractile foreskin which cannot comfortably be drawn back off the head of the penis in erection because of a constriction (stenosis) which has not expanded after adolescence..
The procedure involves the removal of the restricting tissue for increased range of motion in the penile skin and enhanced sexual enjoyment.

Our Surgeon, Expert Dr.Sachin Kuber MS. 

Dr.Sachin Kuber M.S. performs Circumcision surgery in Pune with Basic,Advanced,Cosmetic type of circumcision options.He is well experienced and has performed thousands of surgeries till date.Specially trained in Alisklamp circumcision in Malaysia , he is performing Stitchless Circumcision...

Dr.Sachin Kuber MS,Chief Surgeon

Expert Circumcision Surgeon since 2004 in Pune city,Trained in Malaysia.
All new Innovative techniques are used by him in Pune city for the patients.


Dr.Sachin Kuber recently travelled to Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia to get training in Alisklamp Circumcision.After returning to India he has started performing Alisklamp non surgical circumcision in Pune at Sun Clinic..


Dr.Sachin Kuber has gathered a massive experience in Circumcision expertise since 2002.He is performing circumcision with utmost precision in Pune since 2004.


Due to higher demand of Good center of Circumcision in Pune city,Dr.Sachin Kuber launched clinic in Pune in 2004 for helping patients with foreskin and penis problems..

Why Us?

Only Center in India offering so many choices for foreskin issues and Penis problems | Best State of the Art Service with polite staff | Mosst affordable.

What we do?

Painless, stitchless,Bloodless surgery for penis problems and foreskin issues | Hygieninic environment | Best Choice of Hospitals in Pune.

Alisklamp Stitch Less Circumcision Results

Alisklamp ( Turkey ) Authorised Certified Center of Circumcision


Testimonials from Real patients those got treated at our clinic.

“Alisklamp circumcision done by Dr.Sachin Kuber at Circumcision Clinic helped me achieving cosmetic look without stitches. This is a very refined technique for circumcision.I have done circumcision for me and my son also from Dr.Kuber.Thanks to Dr.Sachin Kuber for performing excellent procedure for me and my beloved son. My wound healed very quickly and I am living a problem free life.”

“First of all hands off to you guys for your effort and nice, super Circumcision. Good work Dr.Kuber team. We are expecting the new baby soon with my wife.. Great effort and super  experience with Dr.Sachin Kuber with no time wastage.My phimosis was treated urgently by Dr.Kuber and helped me get my wife fertilised,because of sperm obstruction was removed.”

“I had my Circumcision surgery 3 years ago by some surgeon in Bangalore. The scar was giving a lot of pain to me.Then I came to Dr.Kuber for opinion. He has performed a Revision circumcision for me 2 months ago.Now there is no ugly scar of circumcision on me.My wound is clean and painless.I can safely and painlessly have sex with my wife.Thanks to well organised team of circumsions clinic Regards.”


Fee Structure

Fees table with four varieties of circumcision(May change without notice for some patients requiring special medical attention ).


INR 9900SF.
Loose skin,Loose cut Circumcision.
Recommended for old patients
Good for Urinary obstruction removal
  • Meds 2400/-INR
  • Anesthesia 1800/-
  • Followup Costs reqd


INR 22500SF.
Alisklamp /Activeklamp Circumcision.

  •     Medicines 2400/- Extra
  • Anesthesia 1800/-
  • Free Followup 3 months


INR 15500SF.
Loose skin, SHAPR cut Circumcision.
Recommended for Middle age patients
Anesthesia 2500/-Extra
  • Meds 1500/-
  • Email Support
  • Free Followup 1 month


INR 24000SF.
Tight skin,Sharp cut Circumcision.
Recommended for Young patients
Good for painless intercourse
  • All Incl. Cost
  • Anesthesia 1800/-Incl.
  • Free Followup 3 months


Details of various procedures at Circumcision clinic and estimated pricing ( Subject to change subjectiwise )


INR 12000/SF
  • 2400 INR Medicines Extra
  • Anesthesia 1800/-
  • 3 months

ZSR Circumcision

INR 33000/SF.
  • 3000/-Meds Incl.
  • Anesthesia 1800/-Incl.
  • 3 Months


Complete removal
INR 12000/SF.
Fine Stitching
  • 3000/-Meds Extra
  • Anesthesia 1800/-
  • 3 Months

Dorsal Slit

INR 9000/SF.
Cosmetic looks
  • 1000/-Meds Extra
  • Anesthesia 1800/-
  • 3 Months

CONTACT/Appointment FORM

Please feel free to write to us.We will get back to you.Appointments are available from Monday to Saturday between 11.00-13.00 & 18.00-20.00 only.SUN DAY CLOSED. Also Closed on 15 August,26 January.