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Circumcision Clinic-Alisklamp Stitchless Circumcision

By Dr.Sachin Kuber MS

Two Setting Stitchless Circumcision – Aesthetic and Functional Surgery in Pune

Dr.Sachin Kuber is performing a very effective two setting Alisklamp circumcision for more than a decade.

Same day consultation and circumcision procedure is convenient for patients traveling out-of-the-area. Dr. Sachin Kuber is a University certified Surgeon in Pune City who specializes in circumcision and circumcision revision procedures.For men who wish to have circumcision in two settings and want to go home outside Pune city, we offer an option to have circumcision surgery in two setting performed to improve functional and aesthetic appearance of the penis.Patient has to return for removal of device after 7 days of installation. Painless, Stitchless,Device METHOD DONE STITCHLESSNo more open wound, no bleeding, no stitches, no more sticky bandages and no more risk of infection including hepatitis B/C and HIV..

Alisklamp Circumcision Surgery

 The third generation of circumcision clamp device offered more then the above advantages, it is design and engineer to the finest product and produces the perfect male circumcision which to take care on all of the following features:


 •Technique : the technique is very simple, easily learn by any health-care professional and should not take more then 10 minutes. No other instrument required except for ‘Alisklamp’ and new sterile blade.


•Safety : Alisklamp is design to give maxima safety in doing the procedure. No worries of injury to the gland penis, no chances of bleeding, no worries of failed clamp and no worries of infection.


•Sterility : Contrary to conventional circumcision which dealing with open surgery wound and lots of bleeding, here we are only dealing with CLOSED WOUND. Sterility is not the main issues here, it is enough to have a clean place without any sterile instrument, sterile drape or even sterile glove. 

Alisklamp Circumcision as Performed by Dr.Sachin Kuber MS

Aesthetic : The end result of the circumcision here is not really operator dependent like conventional circumcision is depending on the surgeon experience and expertise. Correct use of the Alisklamp size should produce a standard good aesthetic look.


•Pain : With adequate local anaesthesia. No pain during the procedure, after the procedure, during removal and after removal of the device. •Stress : No stress to the child and to their parents as the procedure is without any forceps or scissor and completed within 5-10 minutes. 


Alisklamp is promised to deliver a perfect cut circumcision parallel to the line of corona following the natural curve of individual gland penis. Naturally it will produce a clean cut with excellent aesthetic look. The other important breakthrough of perfect clamp is cutting of the inner mucosa and the outer skin is done at the same level, thus produce no tension due to the pooling of the outer skin after removal of the clamp as usually happened in straight cut disposable circumcision clamp.                                               This further prevent the separation of the mucosa and skin which lead to wound gaping and takes longer time to heal.The clamping zone is further strengthen and reinforce by two factors, one is the solid and strong bilateral pillar shaft that deliver a strong grip to the clamping zone in order to hold the mucosa and skin together firmly and prevent any bleeding or slipped skin edge.


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