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Circumcision Clinic-Basic Circumcision

By Dr.Sachin Kuber MS

One Setting Stitched Circumcision – Aesthetic and Functional Surgery in Pune

Dr.Sachin Kuber is performing a very effective single setting circumcision for more than a decade.

Same day consultation and circumcision procedure is convenient for patients traveling out-of-the-area. Dr. Sachin Kuber is a University certified Surgeon in Pune City who specializes in circumcision and circumcision revision procedures.For men who wish to have circumcision in one setting and want to go home outside Pune city, we offer an option to have circumcision surgery in one setting performed to improve functional and aesthetic appearance of the penis. Painless, Stitched,Manual METHOD DONE STITCHed

Basic Circumcision Surgery

 A circumcision is a surgical procedure that removes the foreskin (the loose tissue) covering the glans(rounded tip) of the penis.

How it is done?

Basic Circumcision is done here with a loose cut of the foreskin near the glans penis.

Who is ideal candidate?

Basic Circumcision is offered to men aged between 55-80 years of age.,which are less active sexually. 

Many times phimosis causes urinary infections,retentions so for relief of those symptoms , skin is loosely cut to avoid these issues.


>Lesser pain after surgery

>Penis looks clean

>Urinary problems are solved

> No risk of retention of urine due to phimosis .


Dr.Sachin Kuber travelled to ZSR Biomedical Company in Shenzhen,Dongguan,China this month to receive training in this ZSR type of circumcision.

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