Cost of Circumcision

Friends, here are the probable expenses ideas and pricing slab for circumcision and related surgery.This may change according to Dollar rates,local issues,medical conditions of patients.Like Diabetes,Hypertensive patients,Asthma patient require special medical attention so the cost increases,subject to change without prior notice.You can book surgery by paying INR 5000 in our bank account if you have a date fixed for arrival in Pune.Booking surgery gives you one free recheduling.Details will be given to interested patients on whatsapp when they contacts us on whatsapp helpline - +919370275336. Unlimited FREE support for all surgeries for 3 months on whatsapp,email,phone available.

Pay in EASY EMI Available

INDIAN Credit Card Holders can avail Easy EMI to pay in 3,6,9,12 months EMI.

TPA Cashless Insurance

Available with all major TPA for Basic Circumcision with Stitches

Accepted Payments

Cash,Cheque,Debit Cards,Credit Card,International Cards,Foreign Currency,EMI


According USD rates change

Free Followups

3 months of Free Followups.

  1. Economy Package Category - Basic Circumcision with Stitches , Alisklamp Stitchless Circumcision! Try it now!
  2. Upper Economy Categoty - Advanced sharp cut Circumcision with Stitches , Cosmetic High,tight cut Circumcision with Stitches Try it now!
  3. Premium Category - Advanced Stitchless ZSR Circumcision, First Generation Stitchless ringless Circumcision,Second Generation Stitchless ringless Circumcision  , Cosmetic High,tight cut Circumcision with Stitches Try it now!
  • Revision Circumcision  - Basic revision circumcision with Stitches, Stitchless revision circumcision,Cosmetic Revision Circumcision Try it now!
  • Frenuloplasty - Basic Frenuloplasty, "Z" Plasty Frenuloplasty! Try it now!
  • Prepucioplasty - Basic Prepucioplasty with stitches, Advanced Cosmetic Prepucioplasty with Stitches. Try it now!
  • Dorsal Slit Repair - Economy pricing! Try it now!
  • Frenulectomy( Removal of Frenulum ) - ! Try it now!
  • Other Costs - Medicines for surgery included, medicines after surgery at actual,Anesthesia cost included in package,Hospital charges included,Laboratory tests at actual. Try it now!