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Circumcision clinic offers various procedures circumcision,frenuloplasty,revision circumcision,prepucioplasty,Dorsal slit ,frenulectomy etc.
Dr.Sachin Kuber M.S. Expert Surgeon since 2004



High Safety Accurate Cut and Blend Automatically
Few steps in Few minutes
Local Anesthetic for all ages
Ideal for all age groups
Rapid recovery
Cosmetic Results


Quick procedure
Local anesthesia is used
Ideal for all ages
Clamp is removed in 7 days
Recovery in 7 days
Cosmetic Results.


Unique ring placement
Local anesthesia used
Pain Less
Stitch Less
Ring falls automatically in 8 days
Cosmetic results.


Available at Clinic
Surgical Correction lengthening

Surgical repair and lengthening of short frenulum ( breve ) is done under local anesthesia
Quick 5 minutes procedure.
Fast healing
No rest required
Stitch Less Options available

Surgical correction of old circumcision scar

Old painful scar removal surgery
Pain less
Cosmetic results
No ugly Scars
Stitch less options available
Day care procedure
Quick Discharge.

Surgical opening and correction of Tight Phimosis

Repair of tight foreskin
Surgical opening of tight foreskin
Alternative to Circumcision
Local Anesthesia used
Fast recovery
Glans penis exposed.

Surgical Classic Circumcision

Classic or Freehand method of circumcision means that the foreskin will be cut by scissors and stitches/sutures will be put there to connect the cut ends of foreskin behind glans penis.It is fairly widely practised all over world.

Para Phimosis reduction in OPD

Many times marginally tight foreskin is pulled back on glans.Due to tightness ring it gets stuck behind glans penis.Then swelling comes on.This is paraphimosis.It is reduced and skin is brought forward by special manuevres .This can be done in OPD basis.

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Why Us?
Only Center in India offering so many choices for foreskin issues and Penis problems | Best State of the Art Service with polite staff | Most affordable..

What we do?
Painless, stitchless,Bloodless surgery for penis problems and foreskin issues | Hygieninic environment | Best Choice of Hospitals in Pune.

Award Winning Clinic
Sun Clinic recently received prestigious "Best Clinic Award" from prestigious Irish website for best patient centric services in specialized surgery.

International Clinic
Sun clinic accepts and performs Circumcision and related surgeries for International patients.Many patients from Middle east,Americas,Far East have successfully taken treatment and surgery..


What you get







Frequently asked questions

  • What is Circumcision surgery?
    The top part of the skin on glans penis i.e foreskin is removed by surgery is called as circumcision.
  • Who should think about circumcision?
    Patients suffering from Phimosis,paraphimosis,balanitis,BXO,infections,painful sex,pain ful erections,difficulty in vaginal penetration,hygiene purpose,many diseases of penis.
  • What are the options available for circumcision?
    Circumcision can be done by surgical way or non surgical methods like ZSR,Alisklamp,Shangring,V ring etc.
  • How much does a circumcision cost?The price varies for infants and adults. In addition, for adults the price varies further based on whether it is a new or revised circumcision and whether a general anesthesia is required. Please contact our office for more information.
  • Is a pre-surgery blood tests required? Laboratory tests are required for surgical or non surgical types of circumcision.(CBC,ESR,RBSL,BUN,CREATITINE,HIV,HBSAG,HBA1C,VDRL,BTCTPT INR,ECG)We do require a consultation before the procedure. The consultation can be combined with your circumcision appointment and takes about 30 minutes.
  • How long is the recovery time? You will be able to walk and travel immediately following the procedure with minor discomfort. For the first week we recommend keeping your activity to moderate levels, including limiting the amount of exercise you do. Sexual activity can usually resume after four to six weeks.
  • When can I join office after Circumcision? Usually one day rest after circumcision is enough(Surgical), No rest required in case of Alisklamp circumcision.
  • What is a "circumcision revision"?A "circumcision revision" is a change to the appearance of the original circumcision. The original may be too loose, have unappealing scars or even skin tags. A circumcision revision can correct many of these problems. We can help patients change how their circumcision looks and attain their desired goals.
  • Will it affect my urination?There should be no changes in your urination after healing. If the procedure is performed for balanitis or phimosis, your urination will improve a great deal.
  • What is a "high and tight"Cosmetic Circumcision? "High and tight" refers to how the circumcision looks. "High" means the circumcision line is closer to the body. "Tight" means the skin is not loose even when the penis is soft. "High and tight" is the most common look and is desired by most patients. This is covered under cosmetic circumcision.
  • Can any Doctor perform a circumcision?Yes, but while all doctors are trained to perform circumcisions, most do not conduct the procedure with Non surgical technique . Dr.Kuber uses Alisklamp techniques to ensure the end result is clean and healthy looking. And he takes great care to understand your needs so you are satisfied with the outcome.
  • Is circumcision painful or any side effects?
    Circumcision is done with local painless anesthesia and due to precise methods of surgery it is painless and stitchless during and after surgery. 
  • What is frenuloplasty?
    The narrow band of skin that is connected to glans penis is called as frenulum and in some patients it is short called as frenulum breve.It is surgically corrected and lengthened.That short procedure is called as frenuloplasty.
  • What is frenulectomy? Surgical removal of frenulum is done for premature ejaculation, i e frenulectomy
  • Is original ZSR circumcision successful without any side effects? yes, as we have started ZSR after training in International training center in China in 2016, Dr.Sachin Kuber has done more than 6000 circumcisions successfully without any complications and side effects.
  • What happens if I get an erection while I'm still healing?For the first few days after surgery you will likely feel some degree of discomfort or minor pain when you have an erection. This is normal and there should be no bleeding because of it. You will be given pain medications after the procedure to make you more comfortable. Dr. Kuber recommends taking the medicine before going to bed in case you have an erection while you sleep.
  • I’m traveling from out of town. Do I need to stay overnight?No, you don’t need to stay overnight and can fly or drive back home the same day.
  • Can you make changes to an existing circumcision? Yes. We can change the appearance or tightness of a circumcision. We can also help mask suture marks from a previous circumcision.This is called as revison circumcision.
  • How is the procedure done?In surgical circumcision surgery which takes 25 minutes and it is done under simple painless local anesthsia. After the surgery you will be kept under observation for 3 hours . After that you can easily walk home. In alisklamp circumcision method, it is done in 15 minutes and after another 15 minutes of observation , you can walk home.This is also done under mild local painless anesthesia.
  • Is there an age limit?No. Circumcision can be done at any age, from birth to the very old. For those under 18, we require a guardian's consent.
  • How will it affect my sensitivity?None of Dr. Kuber's patients have reported a change in sexual sensitivity after the procedure. There are websites that report an increase or decrease in sensitivity in the head of the penis, but again, he has not heard this feedback.
  • Am I awake during the procedure?Yes, we use a local anesthesia and you are awake during the procedure.
  • When can I have sex after circumcision?Sexual intercourse after Circumcision Surgery -Important:- 1.After circumcision surgery sexual intercourse is forbidden till 6 weeks or 45 days. 2.After 6 weeks - Sexual intercourse is allowed slowly with the use of condom for protection of wound.Condom has to be used for every sexual intercourse for 1 month. 3.After 1 month you can resume to have sex without condom. 

Using the new technology for circumcision like original ZSR, Shangring,Alisklamp , has revolutionised patient satisfaction and saved many patients from Penile cancers.

Details of Advanced Stitch less Circumcisions like ZSR,Alisklamp,Shangring that you would like to know.

ZSR Ring,Alisklamp Device,Shang Ring details.

  1. Local Anesthesia All these procedures are done under local anesthesia to penis by fine painless needles by our trained anesthetist doctor specialist.Safe and no complications 
  2. Patient Friendly. All procedures mentioned are stitch less , pain less, blood less, scar free, zero complications,no side effects. 
  3. Unique Styles. Alisklamp (Turkey),ZSR ( China ),ShangRing ( China ) all are imported in Clinic and used safely.
  4. Disposable Devices All devices are disposable devices and used single time.No re use.Every patient is used new device.
  5. Time stamp- Surgery is done in 10 minutes,Observation period 1 hour after surgery,Discharge is given to patient in 90 minutes.
  6. Silicon ring/Shangring falls down in 7 to 15 days usually.Alisklamp device can be removed at home or clinic in 7 days.
  7. Dressing- Any of the procedures does not require frequent visits,Dressing is not required.Self simple care after surgery is advised and can be easily taken care by any patient himself.Details are provided.
  8. Recovery- Happens in 7 days,Rest not necessary,Can work next day,can drive next day,Sex after 3 weeks ,Exercises allowed after 15 days,medical treatment for 5 days.
  9. WhatsApp support is available 24 hours post surgery,no need to visit after surgery.

Our Blog

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International Conferences China
Dr.Sachin Kuber MS 10-10-2019

Dr.Sachin Kuber was invited for Lecture presentation in Guangzhau,China for advanced methods in Circumcision surgery.Around 500 doctors from the country attended the lecture.!

Associated with China
Dr.Sachin Kuber MS 09-06-2019

Advanced Circumcision stapler company invited Dr.Sachin Kuber in Shanghai,China for factory visit and future associations with Sun Clinic Pune,India.

ZSR Factory visit in Dongguan,China
Dr.Sachin Kuber                             16-09-2015

ZSR's Circumcision trained in China
Dr.Sachin Kuber recently travelled to Schenzhen,China to get training in ZSR Circumcision.After returning to India he has started performing ZSR non surgical circumcision in Pune at Sun Clinic..!

Gallery with Results after surgery

Circumcision images
Original ZSR Surgery Results!
Silicon ring is placed after circumcision!

Pioneer of ZSR stapler circumcision in India,Dr.Sachin Kuber MS performs precise circumcision with ZSR,China 

ZSR after healing Results!
After 30 days of ZSR results. Scar less

This is truly stitch less pain less surgery with excellent cosmetic results.There is no scar after surgery and the joint between inner and outer foreskin is seamless.

Frenuloplasty Results!
After 30 days of Frenuloplasty results!

Frenuloplasty is available in Basic,advanced,cosmetic types.Stitch less frenuloplasty is superior in producing results of seamless integration of repaired frenulum edges.

Revision Circumcision results!
Revision circumcision for old scar removal!

Old scar of circumcision is removed cosmetically and revision circumcision is done to avoid ugly scars.Results are superior.

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