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Circumcision Clinic-Revision Circumcision

By Dr.Sachin Kuber MS

Why is circumcision revision needed?

A circumcision revision might be necessary for several reasons. The most common reason for circumcision revision is that too much of the foreskin is left following a circumcision. This is called redundant foreskin. It can cause scar tissue to form as an infant grows and develops more fat in the area around the penis.

Circumcision revision is a surgical procedure that addresses undesirable outcomes from a patient’s original circumcision. At Sun Clinic, the circumcision revision procedure can be done under local anesthetic right in our clinic affiliate hospital, often without stitches using our unique skin glue closure.

The first step is a consultation with our doctor. Based on an assessment of the current circumcision we will recommend a revision procedure if appropriate.

You can request a consultation appointment online or call us to schedule a consultation at +91 9823863926.

Appointments are generally available with very little wait time.

Circumcision revision is a procedure that responds to what is called an “incomplete circumcision.” When too little foreskin is removed during the initial circumcision, the appearance of the penis is affected.

The majority of circumcisions are performed without complication. However, if you have concerns about foreskin remaining on the penis after circumcision, it’s recommended the condition be assessed and addressed as soon possible.

If untreated, the issue can develop into medical problems and the excess foreskin left on the penis will minimize the benefits circumcision offers.

Reasons For Revision


Typically, circumcision revision is related to cosmetic concerns from the original procedure. The appearance of the penis is often of concern for parents with religious or cultural motivations. The medical benefits of a complete circumcision, such as a reduction in urinary tract infections, lower STD risk, etc., may also be affected.

Incomplete Initial Circumcision

calls for a Revision Circumcision

When not enough of the foreskin is removed during the original circumcision, it results in a condition known as redundant foreskin. It is also considered the outcome of an “incomplete circumcision.” When the penis is flaccid, the foreskin will still cover the glans, so the organ appears as if it is uncircumcised.


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We would always recommend that circumcision revision be done as soon as possible after the original procedure. But sometimes that isn’t optional or issues arise later in life. We offer circumcision revision for men  of all ages.