AC Servo Drives And Motion Controllers


AC Servo systems combine a servo motor and Servo Drive/ Amplifier which are ideal for controlling the moving parts of various machines and equipment (speed, torque, Position etc.). They contribute to the development of competitive devices, as a driving source for industrial machines.

Servo Range available from 50W to 22KW with 2000 and 3000 RPM in Single and Three Phase class
• Servo Amplifier Series: MR-J4, MR-J4, MR-JE, MR-JE-AS, MR-J2, MR-J3
• Servo Motors Series: HG-KN, HG-SN, HG-JR, HG-KR, HG-SR


• Motion controller is capable of various controls such as positioning control, speed control, torque control, tightening & press-fit control, advanced synchronous control and cam control, etc. They are applied to various machines such as X-Y tables, unwinding machines, packing machines and filling machines.
• A combination of Mitsubishi's advanced PLC system, servo amplifiers, servo motors, and servo networks offers exceptional solutions that allow you to maximize your system's productivity.

The servo is controlled by way of a high-speed servo network SSCNET, making complex synchronous control easy.
Typical Servo Applications are:
• Rotary Indexing
• X-Y Table/ Gantry
• Pick and Place Arms
• Packing and Filling Machines
• Printing and Labelling Machines
• Cut to length Applications
• High Speed Conveyors

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