VFD : Variable Frequency Drive( Ac Drive / Inverter)

FR-D740, FR-E740, FR-A800, FR-CS SERIES VFD:

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)/ AC Drive/ Inverter is a type of motor controller that drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor

Variable speed motor-drive systems are more reliable than traditional mechanical approaches such as using valves, gears, louvers or turbines to control speed and flow. Unlike mechanical control system they don’t have any moving parts hence they are highly reliable.

Beyond energy saving, applications such as crushers, conveyors and grinding mills can use the motor and VFD’s packages to provide optimal speed variations. In some crucial applications, the operating speed range can be wide, which a motor supplied with a constant frequency power source cannot provide. In the case of conveyors and mills, a VFD and motor system can even provide a “crawl” speed foe maintenance purposes eliminating the need for additional drives.

• Reduce Energy Consumption and Energy Costs
• Increase Production Through Tighter Process Control
• Extend Equipment Life and Reduce Maintenance

FR-D740 Series:

FR-D720S-025EC, FR-D720S-042EC, FR-D720S-070EC, FR-D720S-100EC,
FR-D740-012-EC, FR-D740-022-EC, FR-D740-036-EC, FR-D740-050-EC,
FR-D740-080-EC, FR-D740-120-EC, FR-D740-160-EC

FR-E740 Series:

FR-E740-120-EC, FR-E740-170-EC, FR-E740-230-EC, FR-E740-300-EC

FR-A840 Series:

FR-A840-00380-2-60, FR-A840-00470-2-60, FR-A840-00620-2-60, FR-A840-00770-2-60,
FR-A840-00930-2-60, FR-A840-01160-2-60

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