online treatment for tight foreskin

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category one phimosis treatment
Fees- 699/-

Our online treatments are good for you even if you're just a new one. You can start with one simple items.

cut of foreskin treatment

If youhave cut on foreskin,our effective treatment will heal your fissures.

balanitis,balanoposthitis,herpes treatment
Fees- 799/-

Infections of glans and foreskin are treated with proper medicines.

Got questions?

No, there is online prescription given on WA,Telegram,Email.You can print and buy medicines from local medical shops or online pharmacy websites.

You can take the printout with generic and brand names mentioned.Your chemist can Please read all details -understand all details- and then he can supply you same salt intended.You can send us photos to verify.

Yes, delivery options are available for the medicines purchased through our pharmacy partner offline.

Validity - 30 days. after thirty days,you may have to pay follow up charges if necessary.

Yes, the medicines used in the treatment are safe. The course provider ensures that the medicines, such as tablets and creams, are non-toxic and suitable for use in particular age group. Safety guidelines and best practices are followed to ensure a safe and side effects free treatment.

Safe medicines,no allergy medicines are used.You should not use the medicines beyond the prescribed time frame.So that there will be safe recovery sans side effects.